- Episodes typically become available on demand the day after airing on TV. Broadcasts of live episodes can take several hours longer to become available for streaming - often until the afternoon of the next day.

-This is based on the streaming rights held by each channel.

- There are some programs that we do not have broadcast rights outside of Italia and when that occurs we provide alternative content to subscribers who do not reside in Italia.

- The money of the user never gets deducted during his 7 day free trial. The way our 7-day trial program works is our merchant processor (Paypal) places an authorization to charge the credit card. When the user signs up and doesn't convert to the subscription the merchant releases that authorization after the trial period is over. This means that there is no refund afterwards because the money is never deducted from the user.

- Users can cancel their subscription up until one (1) day before the 7-day free trial ends.


-If you forgot your password, you can recover it by following these steps:

- Ensure that the email address used is the same email used to register.


- You should login to your account page and there you should have access to your billing information.

- We have a rental feature where users may rent from our available listing of videos for a slated amount of time.

- The pending charge is simply an authorization to charge the credit card but in some cases will show up (especially on Debit cards) as a reduction in your spending balance.

- Once your subscription has lapsed you may go to ‘Billing Information’ from the ‘My Account’ section, select ‘change credit card’ and enter the updated information.

- Please go to your web browser and in Google type in IP Address and send us the result. Sometimes the internet provider in Italia is using an IP address outside of Italia. We determine who needs to subscribe based on your IP address.


- 3 Mbps.


- IPhone 4s and later.

- Android 4.0 and later.

- Not yet.